March for Babies - Huge Success!

Family and Friends,

The March of Dimes was a huge success. Thanks to all of your support, we collectively raised more than $2,500 to help other families. Thank you so much for the continued support.

With lots of Love!
The O'Briens

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Tuesday May 12th

Babies Situation:

The Girls are having another good day. Our friend Andre and Dad were able to swing by to check in on the girls briefly this morning. It is always great for us to share this experience.

As far as the girls, both of their feedings increased today. Trinity is now at 28 cc's over 30 minutes every 3 hours. Kinsley is at 34 cc's over 1 ½ hours every 3 hours. Trinity will have a big change occur tomorrow. Dr. Untalan wants to try her back on the nasal cannula. Kinsley had a big change today with the decrease of her CPAP pressure from 8 to 7. Thank you Dr. Untalan!! If she tolerates it well, they will try her on the nasal cannula by the weekend or sometime next week. Such great news!!! Trinity will be done with her antibiotics by the 15th and her IV should be able to come out. No IV means less chance for infection. Kinsley is doing really well on holding her temperature. She actually is slightly warm every time Crystal checks her. We’re getting closer and closer to getting them in a crib TOGETHER!! They will be reunited. What a joy that will be to see. Oh, and the Girls had another eye exam yesterday and no ROP at this point. God is good!

Parent's Thoughts:

We are really looking forward to the next few weeks. Between putting them in clothes, moving them to a crib, and bottle feeding them, we are just so excited!! Kinsley is already wearing preemie shirts and Trinity will be able to wear clothes once the IV comes out. We are limited to what they can wear due to the CPAP machine but once they are both on the cannula, they can wear just about anything. Having them in a crib together will be a joyful day. They have been separated for 8 weeks (as of tomorrow) and I know it will be very special to have them together once again. From what I hear, the bottle feeding can be frustrating since it usually takes 24 weekers awhile to catch on but we are ready for the challenge. All these steps get us closer to bringing them home. We dream of that day!!!

Our Daily Encouragement:

So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.

Hebrews 10:35-36

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  1. Praise the Lord!! Can't wait to see what blessings God has in store next! Praying!