March for Babies - Huge Success!

Family and Friends,

The March of Dimes was a huge success. Thanks to all of your support, we collectively raised more than $2,500 to help other families. Thank you so much for the continued support.

With lots of Love!
The O'Briens

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Monday April 13th

Babies Situation:

We had the privilege of introducing the girls to our close friends, Rob, Jason, Kristina, and Marci this evening. The NICU allows Mom or Dad to bring in 1 visitor at a time so they all had to take turns. The girls can't wait to play the Wii with all of them soon.

Overall the girls seem to be coming around on their breathing. This is a good sign as the medication may be resolving their infections. They have had seldom A's and B's today. Our Doctor decreased Kinsley's rate to 30 (this is good). As usual, the Doctors have been taking blood to monitor the oxygen levels. They make adjustments from the results - changing the vent settings, giving more or less medication, sodium, caffeine, etc... They seem to be getting very good blood gas results back. Trinity's feedings also increased to 6.4 cc's continuously.

Pam, one of their primary Nurses, was with the girls this morning and Sally again this evening. I believe Sally is one of their evening primary Nurses. It is amazing to us both how many great Nurses we have encountered over the past month. Some have had the girls for a shift while others we see very often and have them on a regular basis. Either way the all stop by to see how they are doing and check in on us all.

Unfortunately Sally and Mom again had to deal with Trinity's free release this evening. We all know Trinity's pooping potential and she decided to let it all go again. I guess this falls into the hard to stop but hope to contain bucket. Trinity took advantage of the small opening when Mom and Sally were not quite ready. After it was all said and done, Mom got to hold Trinity up in the air so that the linens in her incubator could be changed.

Parent's Thoughts:

It is a new beginning, a new week. We are very thankful that the week has started so nicely. It was great to have our friends there to say hello. An interesting theme has popped up over the past number of days. Can we see that the girls features are identical? As parents we talk about it almost everyday. It is still a little hard to tell that they are identical since they are growing at different rates and are still so small but we know they are. This has added an interesting element to our visits as we walk back and forth. Do you know which one is Trinity and which one is Kinsley from some of the recent pictures?

Our Daily Encouragement:

As far as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him; as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.

Psalm 103:11-12

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