March for Babies - Huge Success!

Family and Friends,

The March of Dimes was a huge success. Thanks to all of your support, we collectively raised more than $2,500 to help other families. Thank you so much for the continued support.

With lots of Love!
The O'Briens

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Thursday July 2nd

Babies Situation:

The Girls are officially 40 weeks gestation today - Yeah!! We had a great day!! We met with the speech therapist this afternoon. I fed Kinsley and she did pretty good taking 51 cc’s (her minimum). Keith fed Trinity with the help of Elizabeth and he did a really good job. She took 40 cc’s which is better than usual. We’ll let him try and feed her again tomorrow. He does better than me - ha! I was told that I need to be more assertive with feeding the girls. We also had an opportunity to meet with their primary Doctor and he plans on running a few tests on Kinsley to check for high blood pressure. If she continues to have hyper tension she might have to be regulated by medication for the next few months. We shall see soon enough.

Parent's Thoughts:

Our sweet primary nurses, Andrea and Crystal, both surprised us with gifts since the Girls are officially 40 weeks today (their original due date). We are so blessed to have them taking care of our babies. Thank you Andrea and Crystal!!!

Our Daily Encouragement:

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Philippians 4:6


  1. Hooray for 40 weeks! They've come so far... sweet little miracles!

  2. Wow 7 lbs, how great is that!! So happy things are progressing. I'm waiting very inpatiently for a picture of both girls for my fridge.Keep up the hard work it will pay off. Try to remember in a few years when their in and out of the fridge looking for food how hard it was to get them to eat. Love to you all and of course praying every day.
    Uncle George and Auntie Teresa